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“That one’s kinda feisty,” the new barn hand called from the next stall over.

He was responding to the expletive I’d just yelped as Sican the Wonder Pony shot into his stall, clipping my toes.

“I prefer to think of him as just very, very aware,” I called back, shaking my head at my stupidity. I’d set us both up for injury because rather than ask said barn hand to back up his truck, which was parked at Sican’s stall door, I decided to lead my horse through the opening that was just wide enough for him to bolt through over my toes.

It’s a recurring lesson for both me and Sican: Take a deep breath, relax and slow down. It takes very little to incite either of us to furious activity, but it takes a clear, conscious effort for us to throttle back.

And until I’d messed us up, we were doing great. We’d just come off a beautiful ride in the back pasture. Snow was melting, magpies were swooping and Sican was walking on a loose rein along the fence line that borders a busy highway. It had been a very therapeutic escape; both of us were battling spring fever that had all but blown the mercury during the previous two days’ snow storm.

I’d even taken extra time post-ride to let Sican munch on some fresh grass outside the arena. I was in no rush to get back to real life. The barn is my alternate universe where I only have to think about having fun and fully revel in the present moment.

But once I made the decision to head home, I was back in “real life” mode where I have three phones, seven email accounts, three instant messaging systems, three blogs, five Facebook pages and four Twitter accounts. Back where I have to watch TV with a book so I have something to do during commercials. Back where I do laundry, empty the dishwasher and change diapers between conference calls, editing, writing and social media updates.

My horse is not feisty. He merely broadcasts the signals I’m sending.

When I get to his stall tomorrow, I’m going to take a deep breath, relax and slow down. We’ll both be better for it.

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