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I’m about to have the best Mother’s Day ever.

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Texas to be a part of the Southwest Peruvian Horse Show. Wonder Pony will not be joining me, sadly. But I’ll still get three days to enjoy great horses and friends as my kids get quality time with my mom. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day weekend for us both, actually.

I’ve been looking forward to this for almost a year. I was invited to be ring steward (really I prefer the title “ring leader”) by a friend who’d made the long drive to Denver for last year’s Denver Queen City Horse Show — a fantastic combo show with the Colorado American Saddlebred Horse Association.

Texas shows are always a blast. I have deep roots in the Lone Star State. It’s where I grew up, and it’s where I first fell in love with our breed. So many wonderful people down there have offered me help, advice and encouragement — I’m really happy I can contribute to their efforts to showcase and show off their horses.

When we cross state and club lines, we’re supporting our breed and our friends. I hope my Texas pals will haul north to take part in our show July 21-23. Or out to Vegas for the Gold Rush Classic June 24-26. The full NAPHA show schedule can keep us busy from February to October.

You don’t have to cringe as your child gets patted down by the TSA because he insists on wearing overalls that trip the sensors to make it to distant shows. (I won’t, either. Those overalls magically disappeared after the last pat-down.) Do what’s easy, fun and practical for you. Cheer for friends at your closest show. Volunteer to hand out ribbons or work the gate. Sponsor a class. Enter your 50 finest animals in every show on the calendar.

Or get out on the trails and answer strangers’ questions about what’s wrong with your horse’s legs. Mount up for a parade. Take your horse to a local 4H class. Perform in equine festivals and other events.

It’s up to us to preserve and promote our historic breed. It’s an animal well-worth sharing.

What can you do?

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I’m quite bummed to report that this year’s Peruvian Horse Show at the Colorado State Fair has been canceled.

We really appreciate all the hard work that went into the show and the folks who registered, but we just didn’t get enough entries to justify the show from the fair’s perspective. They’ve offered us a spot during the actual fair next year, which is a good thing. Some exhibitors told us they only wanted to show during the actual fair. This year, we were scheduled for the week before the fair. Typically we can only snag a time during the actual fair every other year.

I also heard from folks who said they were willing to travel to Colorado from out of state once, but not twice.  We had a great turnout at the Denver Queen City Horse Show, and several ranches promised to return next year.

So we’ll see how things pan out for next summer. I’d love to hear feedback that would help us plan for next year.

Out-of-staters: What would bring you to Colorado? Would you come to two shows in Colorado? If you only come to one, would you rather show in Denver at the National Western Complex (indoor arena/nice facility, joint show with Saddlebreds, larger city), or in Pueblo (no indoor but covered outdoor, less expensive classes, cash payouts for winners)?

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