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Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s one of three seasons I missed growing up in the endless summers of South Texas. So I get positively giddy over the changing leaves and cooling temps.

I’m also thrilled that so many of us are getting out there and enjoying the wonderful weather, our fabulous horses and our good friends. The CSPHC had a great time in September as guests of Terri Miller and Amanda Speaker at their family homestead near Buffalo Creek. There’s also a ton of great pictures from the group who enjoyed Dawson’s Butte Oct. 22, and the Rio Grande Peruvian Horse Club had more than a few Colorado folks in their ranks that same day as they rode along Rio Chama.  Several of us are looking forward to a ride in Cañon City on Bobbi Taylor’s ranch on Oct. 29. And if you’re a Facebook friend of club member Emily Knight, you’ll see fabulous new trail photos just about every week.

Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite spots to ride in Colorado Springs.

At the moment, our first real snow of the year is coming down hard enough that I didn’t quite make it out to the barn this morning as I hoped I might. But it will be gone before we carve our pumpkins, and we’ll have more scenic trail shots to share.

Send me yours or links to your albums if you’d like to add your photos to our site.

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First and foremost, I’m a horse person. Cats follow second. Dogs…not so much. But that’s just me. I know I’m anomaly, especially in canine-crazy Colorado.  Just about everyone out here has a four-legged shadow, especially among my fellow horse nuts.

But when I saw this video today my pal Sharon Greenleaf LaPierre sent me, it made me pine for my last pooch, a remarkable dog I couldn’t keep up with as pregnant toddler mom. (Bailey the border collie went to live with good friends here in town; everyone is delirously happy and we can see her whenever we want.)

I love that despite the inevitable end to the story of Skidboot and David, David focused on the joy and love this amazing dog brought him.

We all know when we bond with a creature whose life cycle will likely end before ours, there will be pain. My husband calls pets “a tragedy waiting to happen.”

I disagree. Anyone who has ever found what I call an “animal soul mate” knows the benefits are worth the grief. The unconditional love, the calming affection, the complete lack of judgment are hard to come by in human companions. I’ll take it wherever I can get it, even on borrowed time.

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