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It seems most of us who own and enjoy Peruvians have some kind of interesting story on how we discovered the breed.

I ended up on one as I was recovering from a broken leg courtesy of a thoroughbred jumper. I’ve heard stories of people being so impressed with the beauty and presence ¬†of Peruvians at parades that they shoved small children out of the way to get closer to the magnificent horse they’d never seen before. Some follow friends into the breed.

But I think very few people know about the breed as they consider that first horse or take that first riding lesson.

That’s why events like the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (March 11-13) are so important for us when it comes to promoting our horses. This annual Denver event draws roughly 15,000 people to the National Western Complex for clinics, vendors, performances and more.

This year, we have a group of club members who’ll be riding in the Mane Event, the featured Friday and Saturday evening performances. The Peruvians will be part of a lineup that includes Guy McLean, Ruben Villasenor’s western dressage, National Extreme Trail Champion Mark Bolender, WEG gold-medal reiner Aaron Ralston and more.

I really believe most of our new riders and owners come to us from other breeds and disciplines. So I encourage everyone to stay active in their larger horse community and find opportunities like the Expo to share our breed with new audiences.

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