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I hate asking people for money, even when I know it’s for a good cause. I work for a nonprofit that helps military families  in real life, so should be better at drumming up sponsorships for shows.

I know we’re in a recession. I know even in the best of times, horses are an expensive hobby. And that Colorado is a long way from Texas, California, Tennessee, Alabama, Missippi, Louisiana and so many other states that are home to nice horses and the good people who own them. I also know it’s asking a lot for people to support our shows with either sponsorships (from $25 to $1,500) or entries, but I really hope we’ll have good turnout this year. We’ve got two great venues: the National Western Complex for the Denver Queen City Horse Show July 22-24and the State Fair Grounds in Pueblo Aug. 20-22.

Even better, we’ve got a great group of people out here who enjoy hanging out, talking horses and having a good time. And yes, I will be bringing frozen spiked basil lemonade again this year.  I really hope we get some more great folks to join us.

So here I am, plantation hat in hand asking for help. We deeply appreciate whatever you can do to support our efforts to showcase the Peruvian horse and celebrate our friendships. For more information, e-mail me at kerrymcg@aol.com  or Mark Renn at mrenn@gcm-careers.com.

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